Superficial qualities such as skin tone, height, shape of the face, big eyes, weight, facial beauty all play a big role in matchmaking. Both the genders look out for these qualities. However, girls are subject to such biases comparatively more.
The concept of beauty as perpetuated since long is deeply flawed in not only India but also across the world. Black Lives Matter movement has finally put the focus back on wrongdoings practiced by society as such. This blogpost highlights the 4 essential qualities that your match must have.

A. Shared Interests with Your Match:

For two people to stay together it is essential that they have some shared or similar interests. It can be anything such as love for travelling, reading books, interest in gaming, painting. hiking, socializing. It is easy for people with shared interests to do things together. Spending time together is one of the best ways to improve marital compatibility. If the same hobby or activity brings both of you joy then the chances of savouring joyous moments together increases.

4 Must Have Qualities in Your Match

B. Similar Family Background:

In India marriage is also coming together of two families. Typically, in a joint family system girls post marriage get to stay with their in-laws. Even if the newly married couple stay in some other city, there are frequent visits by parents. Involvement of family in the married life is a sine qua non in India. Therefore, it is necessary to understand whether the value system of the two families are similar or not. For instance, a girl brought up in an independent environment would find it difficult to adjust in a patriarchal family.

C. Educational Background:

Well educated people have a certain line of thinking. A certain wavelength on which they operate. It is essential for two people in the marriage to understand each other. Education hones the thinking process and while it cannot be the only deciding factor it does help in initiating conversation. Typically, the recommendation is to not confine search for exactly same education but to look at the quality and level of education.

D. Shared Values With Your Match:

A similar set of values and belief systems makes it easy to lead a smooth conflict free life. A lot of time of couples goes in fighting. For instance, the husband might want to adopt a kid while the wife might be totally against it. Such issues and opposite views on these views give rise to a lot of heart-burn. Therefore, it is important to understand the value set. It is also equally important to realize if there is symmetry in views. You may also see this article on Shared Values by eharmony.

Shared Values
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Inner beauty is what lasts and what stays. Hence, while making a life decision it is very important to look at factors that truly matter. Physical attributes while being attractive are fleeting. With age they disappear and what stays is the love and compatibility between you and your partner. So, move beyond superficial and external and look for real qualities. All the best in your search for your partner.

While we at Hans Matrimony have listed out the 4 qualities which are absolutely essential to look for in your match, we would love to have your comments and feedback. Moreover, if you are just getting started on your matchmaking search then this 5 Step Matchmaking Guide would be useful.

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