4 extraordinary reasons to choose ‘Arranged Marriage’ over ‘Love Marriage’

As much as we are influenced by the West and their culture, trend of love marriages in our country has also evolved drastically over the years. As per a report, there is a 10% increase in this number as compared to the total number of marriages in India in the last decade!

However, on the contrary, the trend of arranged marriage still prevails and not just the parents but the children also opt for this version of marriage. And in an interesting survey conducted by Taj Group, most of the Indian youth still opts for arranged marriages despite the western trend of love marriages. But why this choice, despite such a cultural shift? Why most of Indians still believe, arranged marriages to still be the best? Let’s find out:

1. Parents’ Involvement

4 extraordinary reasons to choose arranged marriage over love marriage

Well, we all know that when it comes to our well being, there is no other than our parents which thinks for the best for their children. In this scenario too, parents ought to choose the best possible match for us!

2. Expectations

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We all have heard, people complaining that their partner has changed with time, they are not the same as they use to be. However, in an arranged marriage, you get to know your spouse with time, both of you work and amend your habits to make your relationship working and there are minimal expectations attached. Most importantly, you accept your partner as he or she is and there is no complaining that he or she has changed by the time.

3. Unparalleled Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the greatest factors of a successful relationship. And luckily, knowing and getting married to someone with similar tradition, culture or community makes it a lot easier to get your relationship get going. Also, as the saying goes, ‘You don’t just marry your partner, you marry his/her entire family’, so it becomes a lot easier for you.

4. Choices

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Well, who doesn’t like options? Honestly, arranged marriages give you freedom of choices, you get to choose from options.

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